Safe use of Display Screen Equipment OBUHSN-32 Appendix 3

Display screen equipment assessors guidance notes


The purpose of this document is to provide information to the assessor in order that the University meets, at the very least, the minimum requirements of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations. This document should provide the assessor with sufficient information to carry out an adequate assessment of a workstation to ascertain if there are any health and safety risks to the user.

Before carrying out DSE assessments, the assessor should have received training and read these notes in conjunction with the Health and Safety Notice OBUHSN-32. An assessment must be carried out using a workstation assessment form, Appendix 2, completed by the user. To assist in making a balanced assessment of the minimum requirements, reference can also be made to British Standard BS 7179 (European standard EN 29241, International standard ISO 9241) or any other relevant international, European or British standard, which covers the ergonomics of design and use of display screen equipment in offices.