Safe use of Display Screen Equipment (OBUHSN-32) Appendix 4

Vision assessment and correction scheme

  • Users are designated under the Oxford Brookes University Health and Safety Notice OBUHSN-32 as a member of staff who habitually uses Display Screen Equipment as a significant part of their normal work. A more detailed definition is given in Appendix 1 of the notice.
  • Designated users must attend DSE users’ training, complete the ergonomic assessment and have their eyes tested as soon as possible after starting work for the University. Failure to do so may result in problems with reimbursement.
  • Staff who have resigned from the University’s service before examination will not be eligible to claim reimbursement. Similarly, staff with less than 6 months service at resignation will be requested to repay money previously reimbursed.
  • Receipts should be submitted within three months of the date of examination. Otherwise reimbursement may be refused.
  • If there is a disagreement whether financial assistance will be granted, the grievance procedure can be invoked.
  • If assistance is agreed the member of staff will be entitled to £20.00 towards the cost of sight examination and £80.00 towards the cost of corrective appliances.
  • If the member of staff uses the University’s designated optician (Gardiners, Osler Road, Headington) they will be entitled to:
    • Cost of eye test in full (£20.00)
    • £80.00 towards the cost of spectacles
    • Substantial discount on the cost of spectacles. It is therefore to the advantage of staff to use the designated optician.
  • Eye tests will be reimbursed normally every two years. If shorter intervals are recommended, the optician will be required to provide confirmation in writing.
  • Provision of corrective appliances will normally be made every four years or more frequently if there is a change in the prescription. The optician will be required to provide confirmation in writing if a claim in made within four years.

Health and Safety enquiries

Guidelines for claiming

  • Contact the People Directorate Operations team to check they have you recorded as a user. If they do, inform them that you would like to have your eyes tested. If they do not, go back to your Faculty/Directorate and find out who is your DSE assessor. Ask them to include you in their list of users.
  • Make an appointment with an optician of your choice.  If you use Gardiners in Headington you can take advantage of a reduced price eye test and substantial discounts negotiated for spectacles.
  • If you go to Gardiners you should inform them you are an OBU employee and take your staff identification card with you.
  • Regardless of which optician has tested your eyes, after your examination present your receipt(s), complete the Eye test reimbursement form, and forward it to, People Directorate Operations team who will arrange to reimburse up to £20.00 for your eye test and £80.00 towards the cost of corrective appliances. Reimbursement will be made with salary.