Appointments and referrals

Reasons for referral

Managers can refer staff for assessment where there is concern that a health problem may be affecting attendance, performance or safety.

The range of problems which may lead to management referral include:

  • Fitness for work following illness or injury
  • Long-term or frequent sickness absence
  • Deteriorating work performance/conduct associated with health problems
  • Actual or suspected work-related adverse health effects
  • Work placement advice under the Equality Act 2010
  • Where the work itself or the working environment changes significantly.


Members of staff may also self-refer to OH and they will generally be seen for one appointment. If the problem has implications for work, the OH Adviser will talk through options for dealing with the situation. The Adviser may recommend that a formal management referral is made so that OH reviews can be set up if needed. 

Occupational Health is in the process of upgrading their electronic record management system.  The upgrade enables employees to make a Self-Referral to the Department directly into the record keeping system further enhancing security in relation to personal and confidential information.

The purpose of this information is to give clear instruction to employees wishing to complete a new Self-Referral using OpasG2.

Please use this process to complete the following self-referral requests:

  1. Request a Self-referral for advice or information
  2. Fitness to Teach Assessment
  3. Mini Bus Driver Medical
  4. Travel Health Advice and Assessment

Please Note: After you have completed the Travel Health Form please email your Part A Travel Authorisation and Part B Travel Risk Assessment (where applicable) forms to  OH is NOT able to process your request without this information.

Link: Log into the following link: 

NB:  There is a time limit of 30 minutes to complete the online referral document - please make sure you have all relevant details to hand before you start the process.

Steps to take:

  1. Enter your email address when requested.
  2. Enter the Captcha phrase displayed in the box.
  3. Go to your email and copy the code that has been automatically sent to the email address entered above into the box on the screen.
  4. Press ‘Submit
  5. Please review the available options in the boxes, click on the form type you wish to complete and press ‘Confirm’ 
  6. Press ‘Continue
  7. Complete all sections of the self-referral document/ form selected
  8. Once happy that you have provided all relevant/necessary information in the form press ‘Confirm
  9. Press ‘Submit form
  • The information will be sent to the Occupational Health Team for review.
  • An appointment will be arranged on receipt. 
  • There is generally a waiting list for appointments with the OH Team and therefore your appointment invitation will not be immediate.

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