Conference Programme

Thanks to all our presenters for an excellent conference full of inspirational sessions.

Strands 1, 2 and 3 follow the themes of the conference. Strands 4 and 5 focus on discursive formats and workshops across the three themes.

TimeSessionSTRAND 1
Educational Gains
Education without Boundaries
Democratic Education
09.30Session 1

Welcome. Pedagogies of Possibility led by Patrick Alexander FHEA and Jenny Lawrence PFHEA.

In this opening session we will consider the promise of transformation that the socially responsible and connected university represents. We will reflect on the important roles educators and students play in the co-creation of our hopeful futures. By understanding what we mean by transformation in our specific contexts we aim to reconnect with the joy, love and passion that brought us to HE, and that might sustain us as we proceed.

09.45Session 2Keynote: Cathy D'Abreu SFHEA, Oxford Brookes University. What is the purpose and possibility of an HE education?
11.00 - 11.50Session 3

Workshop: Esther Cummins SFHEA, Beth Sennett FHEA. Can early years principles support inclusion in higher education?

Paper: Lucia Sagredo, Eleni Elia, Jo Skelton SFHEA. Maths Anxiety: Exploring the Perceptions of Mathematics in Undergraduate Computing Students

Opportunity to view pre-recorded sessions available on the Conference website

Paper: Sarah Wolfenden SFHEA. Creating fully rounded academic professionals through coaching, compassion, contemplation and community.

Paper: Lissy Yu Wang FHEA, Jiashi Wang FHEA. Engaging students as co-creators in Academic English writing class.

PechaKucha: Sancha de Burca FHEA. Teaching for ethos change: transformative experiences in a hopeful ‘design-for-good’ pedagogy.

PechaKucha: Zoe Allman PFHEA, Deepa Rughan FHEAi, Saheda Begum, Pamela Hardaker, Phil Grierson. Peer mentoring in the Placement experience search: Enhancing learning journeys across discipline boundaries.

PechaKucha: Rachel Payne SFHEA, Jo Skelton SFHEA. Removing boundaries; the value of flexible pedagogies in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Oxford Brookes University.

PechaKucha: Mina Samangooei FHEA. Using the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) as a framework for developing critical thinking in relation to holistically sustainable architecture design projects for Year 2 Undergraduate Architecture Students at Oxford Brookes University.

Workshop: Marita Grimwood PFHEA, Hardeep Basra PFHEA. It starts with us - using self-reflection on positionality as the foundation for decolonising the curriculum.

11.50 - 12.10Break
12.10 - 13.00Session 4

Paper: Jo Skelton SFHEA. Perceptions of Newly Qualified Early Year Teachers as Agents of Change in Mathematical Pedagogy in India.

Paper: Marion Waite SFHEA. Learner and stakeholder satisfaction with nurse cadet VET schemes using a social capital analysis: A qualitative evaluation study.

Workshop: Louise Rickard SFHEA. Teaching and Woke: From handcuffs to handrails?

Paper: Sally Beckenham. Speak truth to power: the role of critical pedagogy in Solutions-Based Teaching in Environment and Geography.

PechaKucha: Matt Lawson FHEA. Student-Choice Lectures: A Co-Produced Curriculum.

PechaKucha: Mary Kitchener SFHEA. Creating a more gender-sensitive curriculum.

Round Table: Lucy Mazdon. Internationalisation: enriching the student experience, at home and abroad.

Workshop: Bonnie McGill AFHEA. Embedding student-staff collaboration: Co-creating resources at the University of Manchester Library.

14.00 - 14.40Session 5Student Keynote Sarah Tammadge-Wall, Brookes Students’ Union.  2 Years of Student Voice - Quality versus Quantity.
14.40 - 15.00Break 
15.00 - 15.50Session 6

Paper: Karen Zhoc. Higher Education Student Engagement Scale (HESES): The psychological perspective of student engagement in higher education.

Paper: Karen Cripps FHEA, Shirley Velasquez-Hoque FHEA. Career development for sustainability: an employability masterclass.

Paper: Aaron Worsley AFHEA. Closing gaps - in collections, information literacy and professional practice.

Paper: Mamdooh Alzyood FHEA. From student to teacher: Reflections on closing the awarding gap for international students.

Workshop: Javier Monllor. Pivoting an Entrepreneurship Experiential Learning Module Online: Applying a Concrete Experience Framework.

Round Table: Teti Dragas SFHEA. Why HE needs more love and stories.

Workshop: Polly Magne NTF, SFHEA. Democratic Education through Critical Global Pedagogies: inspiring brave, critical and compassionate agents of change.

15.50 - 16.00Break 
16.00 - 16.30End and informal chat space
Playful Plenary: end of the day with some play? What fresh perspective can you take from the day?   

Patrick Alexander FHEA 

The plenary session of the conference will bring delegates together again around the central themes of the day, exploring reflections, thoughts, and questions raised by the many excellent presentations taking place throughout the conference. In this final activity we will come back to your initial hopes for the day, expressed during the introduction. Through a brief thought activity, we’ll build on these initial hopes and put in motion a call to action that individuals can take with them into their practice beyond the conference.


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