Brookes Teaching Challenge

Funded teaching projects

About the challenge

The Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development (OCAED) invites you to take up the Brookes Teaching Challenge. How could you use funding and support to be adventurous in your teaching and support students to be adventurous in their learning? 

We welcome applications from colleagues at all career stages, and we’re particularly keen to receive proposals from colleagues who haven’t done anything like this before. Awards will be for various amounts from £200 to £5000, and for projects of one to two years’ duration, for both individual and team projects.

The Brookes Teaching Challenge replaces the Brookes Teaching Excellence Fellowship (BTEF) and Brookes Teaching Innovation Project (BTIP).

What will you get out of it?

  • The chance to try something new and see if it works.
  • Money to pay students for involvement in teaching enhancement work.
  • Evidence towards promotion or other recognition awards.
  • Experience in pedagogic research or evaluation.
  • Membership of the Teaching Challenge community to give and receive feedback between colleagues working on these projects.
  • Support and mentoring from experienced colleagues.
  • Encouragement and support to present your progress and findings to the Brookes Teaching and Learning Conference.

Briefing sessions will run in Semester 2 to introduce the scheme, and one-to-one support meetings will be available to help you with your application, and to scope out your project. Further support will also be available to you in fine-tuning and running your project if your application is successful. 

Email for more information.

How to apply

The submission deadline will be 6 June 2022 for projects to begin in September 2022.