Chat GPT guidance

ChatGPT is a new artificial intelligence tool which is becoming very popular in higher education. It is a productivity tool but concerns have been raised about its use in assessment. Oxford Brookes’ immediate response is to be supportive of the use of AI tools and provide some clarity and advice and support a conversation about assessment among staff and students


Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development

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  • From January 2023, students using any AI tools such as ChatGPT for their assessment(s) need to declare that use on a form within Moodle and through the checkbox statement in their submission to Turnitin. Students should specify which tool(s) and how they have used them


  • Programme teams need to discuss the implications of the use of AI tools for their subject area, including assessment. For this reason, communication with students about the use of AI tools is best done at the subject level. 

  • Module leaders should clarify to students if AI tools cannot be used in the assessment for their module and explain why; otherwise, the default position is that students can use AI tools but must declare them. 

  • Undeclared, deceptive use of AI tools is not allowed and may lead to a SIRT investigation, so it is important for Module Leaders to make clear to students that they must complete the declaration form if they use AI tools. We are using a form for this so we can better understand how students are using AI in their learning and assessment.

Further advice and guidance about designing academic integrity into assessment can be found on OCAED.  

During the semester OCAED and colleagues will be organising various opportunities for academic staff to engage with development and discussions about AI tools in teaching and learning more widely.

Resources and advice for staff who want to try the AI productivity tool are on this googlesite Temporary location for staff guidance