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Key contacts

  • People Directorate - Each Faculty and Directorate has a specific link HR team who are able to advise you on your employment related queries.
    Each Faculty and Directorate has a specific link People Team who are able to advise you on your employment related queries. The Organisational Effectiveness Team can advise on learning and development opportunities for staff.
  • IT Services – Supports the University’s IT infrastructure and systems for staff and students. You can also contact the IT Service Desk using extension 3311 or 01865 483311.
  • OCAED – The Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development provides training and development opportunities for academic members of staff.
  • Switchboard – The University’s switchboard can connect you to any internal extension or dial externally for you if required. Dial 100 to contact switchboard.


There are a variety of methods of communication used to keep members of staff up to date with the latest news and developments from across the University. These include a regular newsletter, campus briefings and use of social media. To find out more, visit our Staff Communications page.

Staff directory

The staff directory allows you to search for any current member of staff and look up their location and telephone extension.

The Nursery

Rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, Oxford Brookes Nursery is located on the Clive Both Hall site, near the Headington campus. Providing childcare for both staff and students of the university, the Nursery is based in purpose built accommodation and is run by a team of professionally qualified staff.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare vouchers are available to members of staff as part of a salary sacrifice scheme, allowing you to save money on your childcare costs. The vouchers can be used for any registered childcare provision, including childminders and after school clubs.

Trade Unions

The University recognises two unions:

  • UNISON represents support staff 
  • University and College Union (UCU) represents academic and related staff members.

Staff Diversity Networks

The university has a number of Staff Networks and forums to connect and support staff, based on shared identity or experience. These networks can assist in personal and professional development, organise events and activities, act as a sounding board for policy development and review, and provide a consultative forum for the university to gather views and feedback.

Find out more about our Staff Diversity Networks.

Faculties and Directorates

The University is organised into Faculties and Directorates. The four Faculties of the University provide the academic courses available to students and sustain the research of the University. The Directorates provide the wide range of professional services required for the University to operate effectively.



Other units:

Staff web pages

Once you have settled in to your role, you should take some time to explore the staff pages. This is a central information point for members of staff, so a useful page to bookmark.

Corporate Identity

Oxford Brookes has its own distinctive corporate identity. You will notice this is used for all communications across the University including letters, presentations, committee agendas and papers. You can access a variety of templates and find out more about our corporate identity here.

Semester dates

The University timetable operates on a semester basis with two 12 week semesters peracademic year. The academic year runs from the 1st September to the 31st August. You can view the semester dates for both the current and next year.

Discount schemes

Take a look at the number of discount schemes available to members of staff.