Your first few weeks

When you arrive, your manager will give you a copy of the Induction checklist. This will signpost key processes and policies you need to be aware of including information on Health and Safety.

Take some time on your first day and over your first week to work through the induction checklist. You should make sure you have completed this by the end of your probation period.

Introduction to a ‘Buddy’

A buddy is a member of staff who has volunteered to offer support to a new joiner during their induction period. Your buddy will help you get to know Oxford Brookes and settle in. They will be able to answer informal questions about how things are done at Brookes, where to find information about our policies and working practices, etc.

We aim to have a buddy scheme running in most areas of the University. If the scheme is active in your area, your line manager will identify a buddy for you who, depending on your role, may be someone from your own department, or if appropriate, from a different area of the University. You do not have to accept the offer of a buddy if you do not wish to, but the additional informal support a buddy can offer can be useful when settling in to a new role.

Regular one to ones

During your first few weeks, you can expect to have regular one to one meetings with your line manager. The aim of these will be to give you an overview of your induction period, to discuss your role in more detail, and to discuss expectations and any concerns you may have.

Within your first two weeks, you will also have an initial Performance and Development Review (PDR) with your line manager to identify some initial work objectives. This is also an opportunity to explore your skills in more detail and identify any development and training needs.

Mandatory training courses

Oxford Brookes offers a comprehensive induction programme. There are several mandatory training courses you will be required to complete as part of your induction and before your probation period can be complete.

Many of these courses can be accessed via Staff Learning ( The login details are your 'P' number (without the and your password that you use to log onto your emails.

These cover:

On joining Oxford Brookes you will be given access to Moodle which is the University's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE for short). You will be able to access and log into Moodle via a quick link from the main Brookes Staff page.