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  • Street Sonnets

    2016 marks the 400 year anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, and as part of the celebrations of his indelible legacy on our culture, language, and literature, we will be visiting Oxford city centre on Friday 2 September with our sonnet machine, giving out free copies of his sonnets.

    Come and visit us on our trip around Oxford city centre and collect free sonnets to take home. You can also follow our journey and see the photos on social media. Just search #streetsonnets on twitter and follow @brookes_hums

    Every time I re-read Shakespeare I discover something new in his writing and in his understanding of human experience. There is a vitality in the work which speaks across the centuries. I find the excitement of connecting with the playhouses and printing houses of over 400 years ago as something valuable and lasting which I'm passionate to communicate to my students.

    Dr Eleanor Lowe, Senior Lecturer
  • Feeling inspired but can’t find us in town? You can always click on the sonnet generator!

    Shakespeare’s plays explore so many of the ‘big’ issues that are important for us today, whether because they are of particular significance at a very personal level, or on a local, national, or global scale. Considering Shakespeare in contemporary performance shows how the work of actors, directors, and designers can offer new insights into the characters, narratives, and ideas in the plays; and is a really exciting way of learning about the interactions between the theatrical past and current theatre practice.

    Dr Laura Higgins, Senior Lecturer