Living in Halls

There are a lot of benefits to living in halls in your first year. You get to meet new people, there are social events you can attend, and it is hassle free because most of your living costs are included in your hall fees. This page gives you some information about what you can expect. 

Safe and Secure

Our halls of residence are a supportive and safe environment. Our hall staff are experienced in making people feel welcome and at home. All of our halls have an on-site halls team to help and advise during the day. There is support available on-site throughout the night too.

The University is situated in one of the safest student areas in the country according to research conducted by the Complete University Guide.

Meet New People

Living in university accommodation is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Students are randomly allocated based on their accommodation preferences which allows you to meet lots of new people studying different courses across the university.

University accommodation is so popular among our students that Oxford Brookes University has ranked 4th in a new league table that looks at the universities with the most students living in university-owned accommodation. You can view the full research and league table by clicking here.

Internet Access

Wi-Fi and wired* connectivity is available at all Oxford Brookes-managed halls. If you live in one of our partnership halls they will be able to provide you information about the Wi-Fi and wired connections they offer.

*Residents can connect to wired internet on their own devices using an ethernet cable - some newer devices and apple products may require an adaptor (cables and adaptors are not included).

The complimentary internet connections in the halls is provided by WiFinity and whilst every effort will be made to ensure the connection is stable, the University does not accept liability for any loss of connection due to technical problems.

Student Insurance

All students who live in halls are provided with block contents insurance covering their time in halls. This is provided by Cover4Insurance and more information can be found on their website. This cover can be extended if required.

Please note this information is not applicable to Parade Green, Dorset House, Beech House, Slade Park, Sinnet Court, Canterbury House or the Windmill Road halls (Edna Rose and Champneys Court). If you are in one of these halls of residence, please contact the hall office directly with any queries

Shared Facilities

All of our halls are self-catered with each flat having its own shared kitchen for you to cook and eat your own meals.
Our halls also have on-site laundry facilities. You can find more information on the facilities at each hall on our hall pages.

Single-sex Accommodation

When you apply for your accommodation you will have the option to select whether you would prefer female-only, male-only or a mixed flat. If you ask to live in a single-sex or mixed flat, we will do our best to arrange it. Please contact us if you require any further information

Quiet/Alcohol-free Accommodation

Starting in September 2023 we are intending to run a pilot scheme in which we will set aside some accommodation that will be offered as “quiet accommodation” and some accommodation that will be offered as “alcohol free”. 

After reading the information provided, applicants will be able to indicate on their online application if they wish to apply to live in this type of accommodation.

Advice and Support

There are a number of useful resources and teams who are here to support you while living at university. Find out more about getting advice when living in halls.

The Residences Information Portal which can be accessed by students living in Brookes Halls is designed to give students easy access to support, guidance and practical advice when living in halls.