Applying for a visa for dependants


How to apply in the UK

You will need to use the Tier 4 online form. If you have any difficulties with this please contact us.

How to apply outside the UK

Check where you need to apply for your visa and how to apply online.

If you are not applying online, download and print the latest VAF 10 (PDF) dependants form and guidance notes (PDF).

Guidance on applying

Read the Home Office information for student dependants.

We also recommend that you read the UKCISA advice and there is information at the end of this Home Office document (PDF) too.

You must read this information very carefully. If you do not Home Office are likely to refuse or reject your application without giving you a chance to correct any mistakes on the form or send in any further documents.

Help on applying from ISAT

  • Email
    We respond to most emails within one or two working days.
  • Phone
    From inside the UK 01865 484681
    From outside the UK +44 1865 484681
    If an adviser isn't available to take your call you can leave your number for us to call you back.
  • Skype email ISAT to make an appointment

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