Frequently asked questions

  • Answers to some of the questions we are frequently asked about the Centre for Academic Development at Oxford Brookes University.

  • No worries - there is no query too small. Many people have gaps in their past education, or come from different education systems and asking for advice is absolutely OK.
    No, we don't correct your work for you, but we will look at it with you and advise you on how to improve it.
    Yes, definitely, and we often do. We may be able to highlight areas for improvement, and help you see what your subject tutors are looking for.
    Of course. We see lots of postgraduate students. There is a lot to take on board in postgraduate study, especially if you come from a working background, or from another country.
    No, the Centre for Academic Development is confidential. We collect information about users of the Centre for Academic Development in the form of stats, and generalised patterns and trends (which is why we ask for your details), and feed this data back to staff, but you cannot be identified individually.