What about Us?

A podcast

Exploring different experiences of being at Brookes.

What is 'What about us'?

What about us is a series of conversations on different experiences of being part of the Brookes community. Released at the rate of around one per month, we'll explore things like looking after your menta health as a sudent, the office politics of disability and the identity politics of dyslexia. You can listen via the links on this page or follow 'Centre for Academic Development' on the SoundCloud app.

Latest podcast: The office politics of disability

 Fran Jenkins and Sahand Parvizi share their experiences of disability in the workplace that is Brookes and offer practical advice on how we can all be inclusive.

To find out more about the Staff Disability Network, see the link below.

Previous Episodes

Understanding Dyslexia

Adrian Wallbank, Educational Developer in the Oxford Centre for Academic Enhancement and Development, and Sue Moon, Inclusive Support Services Manager, discuss dyslexia in a conversation that covers varying definitions, reasonable adjustments and dyslexia as an identity issue. 

If you are a student and you think you might be dyslexic or have some other specific learning difficulty, it is recommended that you have an online screening. Details are below.

You can find more information about dyslexia from the British Dyslexia Association.

Looking after your mental health

We still had some technical glitches on the first episode but it is an interesting conversation in which Kevin Watson talks to Becca Howard-Burrell from the counselling service at Oxford Brookes, along with students James Head and Mai Osman about the challenges involved in looking after your mental health at university.

To listen to this episode click on the play arrow to the right of  this text, or search for 'Centre for Academic Development' on the SoundCloud app.

You can explore support available from the Counselling team at Brookes and benefit from some great self-help resources by visiting their website.