Promotional events

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  • Careers Fairs are an excellent way to raise awareness of your organisation and highlight the opportunities you offer. Please see the list of upcoming events below:

    Event Calendar, Semester 1, 2018/19

    Date Fair Time
    Tuesday 2 October 2018 11am - 2pm
    Wednesday 3 October 2018* Volunteer Fair 11am - 2pm 
    Thursday 11 October 2018* Graduate Jobs Fair 11am - 2pm 
    Monday 15 October 2018* Real Estate, Planning and Construction Fair 11am - 2pm 
    Thursday 18 October 2018 Placement Fair 11am - 2pm 
    Thursday 1 November Technology Fair 11am - 2pm
    Thursday 8 November 2018 PR, Marketing and Events Fair 11am - 2pm 
    Tuesday 20 November 2018 Law Fair 5:30pm - 7pm

    Event Calendar, Semester 2, 2018/19

    Monday 11 February 2019 Real Estate Internship Fair  10am - 12pm 
    Tuesday 26 February 2019 Graduate Jobs, Internships & Placement Fair        
    11am - 2pm
    Tuesday 9th April 2019 Summer Jobs Fair 11am - 2pm

    Bookings are now closed for the Volunteer Fair, Graduate Jobs Fair, Placement Fair and the Real Estate, Planning and Construction Fair.

    Bookings for Semester 1 are now open. To access individual Fair booking forms click on the links on the dates above. Bookings for Semester 2 will open soon.