• Fashion Buyer

  • Fashion Buyer - Information Session

    Starting your own business in the fashion industry.


    Fashion Buyer - Information Session (starting your own business in the fashion industry)


    • Week 4, Tuesday 13 October 2015, 12pm - 1pm


    Are you interested in fashion and want to know how you can get a job in the fashion industry? Ann Whorrall started her own business, Olivia May, and is here to tell you why.

    Ann will also be giving you advice and tips on how you can get into the industry and find out the highs and lows of running your own business.

    You can also use this opportunity to network and ask Ann any questions.

    Session Leader

    Emma Robinson

    Guest Speaker

    Ann Whorrall, Olivia May


    Forum Library Training Room, John Henry Brookes Building (highlighted in yellow)

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