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    Tell Your Story - presentation skills and practice - a 10 hour practical course

    Starts: 12th April 2018, on Thursdays, 5.30pm - 8.30pm 


    Preparing for interviews, introducing yourselves in a public space, giving a presentation when you want to impress.

    This is a 9 hour practical course on presentation skills and practice. Learn how to articulate who you are and practice telling the group in a safe space. Develop your skills and confidence as you tell your story.


    The course will consist of three 3 hour sessions. It will take place on the Gipsy Lane campus on Thursdays, 5.30pm - 8.30pm.

    Dates to be confirmed. 

    The full cost of the course is £40.

    Please note that this course is open to current students at Oxford Brookes only and eligibility will be verified via student number.

    How to book

    Bookings to open in Semester 1

    Booking closed

    Course Leader

    Rona Rowe MA


    I started my career in the creative industries – theatre, journalism, film and festivals. I then moved into the communication field working with organisational presentation, and learning and development for life and work. I am now working (so they say!) in the ‘wisdom economy.’ Trained in Transactional Analysis – a psychological perspective which underpins all my professional roles, I work as a counsellor, coach and trainer.

    As an independent learning consultant, I’m interested in how we thrive: how individuals and systems create positive outcomes when faced with never-ending challenge and change. My clients typically use me to address relationship building, leadership development, communication skills and capacity to change. As the workplace changes, I am increasingly working with resilience and self-reliance as people need to develop the skills to work independently and globally.

    Recent organisational clients include:

    • Bosch
    • Oxfordshire County Council
    • Ekko
    • Oxford Brookes University
    • Key2
    • Oxford University Press