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    The Oxford Brookes Graduate internship offers many opportunities for recent graduates. This is a way to gain some real insight into the higher education sector, acquire practical experience and develop a portfolio of skills. This is a paid internship complemented by a development programme. 

    Would you like to: 

    • Experience the working life routine?
    • Learn more about a specific field of work and career opportunities?
    • Enhance your CV?
    • Understand your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Take on real responsibilities?
    • Develop a strong network of friend and colleagues?
    • Develop as a person?
    • Discover some hidden talents? 

    If you answer yes to any of these, you could be like 85 Brookes interns who have already benefited from our scheme. 

    This internship scheme offers a unique development programme for all interns throughout the year in many areas such as self-awareness, time-management, project management and many more topics. This development programme is a key asset to the whole experience as it offers a great balance between the workshops and the real practice in the workplace. Find out more about the development programme here.

  • "The HR internship gave me a chance to develop my skill set in a supportive environment. I received lots of training and relevant industry knowledge. This was a fantastic opportunity which I would recommend to any undergrad starting their career. I was able to produce internal and external communications, run the OCSLD twitter account, perform data analysis and get involved with formal meetings. Working at Brookes has built my confidence and repertoire of skills. A highlight was being able to work closely with senior members of staff, and was treated like an equal. I was able to practically apply the skills learnt during my degree to a safe, supportive environment.  Working in the OCSLD department (part of HR) was a great way to get an all-round experience in HR. I was able to practically apply the knowledge from my degree and this is a fantastic chance for anyone interested in Marketing to develop their skillset. There is great potential working in such a friendly and supportive environment for someone looking to get involved in training, teaching and learning. I joined at a time of great transition, but I am certain that the next intern will be able to immerse themselves in the department". (Alice Ford, Human Resources, 2018)

    “As an international person, this internship is a great opportunity to gain experience in your field and become more employable in the UK. My experience as an intern so far has been exactly that - I've been able to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice, gain experience and meet a lot of people working in the same field as me.”  (Armine Tovmasian, Directorate of Finance and Legal Services)

    "My role as an intern is split between HSS Marketing and HSS Research Engagement. I was anxious about this prior to my start but the support I've received has been a game-changer. Along with training, supervision and experience, you also have the opportunity to make the role your own. For instance, I have opportunities to shadow everything from PR to Digital Design. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants to bridge their student and professional experience".  (Imran K. Awan, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

    “I can't believe the variety my internship has provided. I have learnt so many skills from using software to successful engagement with various stakeholders. My internship has provided me with crucial work and personal experience. Thanks to these 12 months I now feel confident in my professional future and feel incredibly employable.”  (Kate Graham, External Relations)

    "One of the highlights of my job is the intern development programme which runs alongside our positions at work. We meet every month to further our skillsets. We are given the opportunity to attend a Marketing qualification alongside our jobs, which will be extremely advantageous for my employability once my internship has finished at Oxford Brookes. One of the huge benefits of starting a job at Brookes is that I was already very aware of the University policies, my own environment and how things worked, so I settled into my new role quickly."  (Eve Gould, Glass Tank)

    “I was anxious about starting full-time work and this job is building my confidence within the workplace. Now I feel far more capable of taking on a new position after the internship. My colleagues have been so welcoming and supportive. In particular, they don't treat me like an "intern" but a valued member of their team who gets given real tasks and responsibility.”  (Nicola Rymell, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)

    “The opportunity to rotate tasks, responsibility and colleagues periodically has allowed me to get an all-round insight into what working in Marketing can mean. This provided me with knowledge and guidance about the specific area of the field I want to get into in my future career, in a way that I doubt an academic course could have. In a way, it felt like the internship was a 'professional training' extra module that was part of my degree, except it is paid! (Emanuele Biasiol, Marketing and Communications)

    Highlights for me include multiple work trips to London to film promotional material in prestigious places such as the Architectural practice PDP London in Belgravia, or the Royal Institute of British Architects. Also, the creative independence I was granted when editing a video ad for our social media postgraduate campaign, which resulted in a 20 second advert which has already been seen thousands of times.”

    "The internship has provided me with an opportunity to put the skills acquired throughout my degree into practice in a friendly and supportive environment. This experience has helped me a great deal in figuring out the next step in my career whilst enabling me to gain practical skills in my chosen field. I would definitely encourage final year students to apply for the internships at Brookes".  (Matilda Andersson, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)

    "It is really interesting to be able to see what Oxford Brookes is like from the other side, being able to provide both student and professional insights in my day to day roles. The internship is something I highly recommend doing, it ensures you're well prepared and adjusted to the real world of work, whilst giving you real responsibilities and opportunities to give back to the University.The internship has been invaluable to me; my skills have developed significantly and I feel more confident in handling responsibility. My office is really friendly which has helped ease me in to working life. (Tegan Hawker, Business School)

    "I've found the internship to be a very positive experience. I've found it particularly useful since my degree subjects (Anthropology and Philosophy) don't traditionally provide an obvious path into specific employment, so being able to get my foot in the door of specialist professional work is a real weight off my mind."  (Mark Sawko-Michalski, Market Research)

    “This internship has enhanced my employability almost immeasurably. I now feel confident to not only apply for a number of different jobs, but also to walk into an interview knowing I now have a wealth of experiences to call upon when answering questions.” (Joseph Parton, Intern, Development and Alumni Relations 2015)

    “I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as an Intern at Oxford Brookes. I've learnt loads, met some amazing people and feel prepared to propel my career forwards thanks to the skills and development I've gained this year. Wherever I end up, I'll always remember my year as a Brookes intern and how it sent me on my way!” (Intern, 2015)

    “Internships help graduates to build on their skills, abilities and, on many occasions, subject knowledge that they have developed at University. Graduates become practitioners in their chosen professional fields by taking on real responsibilities and making an impact. As well as gaining work experience, they take part in a specially designed training and development programme.” (Hanna Czarnecka-Nagy, Human Resources Manager)

    “Acting as manager for interns has been a rewarding experience. Finance interns work in three Directorate teams on a rotational basis during the year, and receive training and induction to enable them participate as a full member of that team.  A specific benefit of having interns is that they provide us with current feedback on their experiences which we can use to ensure that we contributing positively to the student experience.  The input of former students who have been our customers is invaluable and each brings to their role a range of skills and experiences, as well as the enthusiasm to put into practice the knowledge and learning of their undergraduate study.” (Sean Terry, Executive Office Manager and PA to FLS Senior Managers, Line manager of Finance Interns)

    "I was very nervous about starting as it was my first ever full time graduate level job. However once I had started my nerves quickly went as everyone within my office and the faculty were lovely. They made me feel welcome and part of the team very quickly". (Sophia Khan, Marketing Intern, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences)

    “Within my first week I attended training sessions such as the Welcome to Brookes training which was very interesting and made me feel like a staff member. The job so far has been enjoyable; I have been given real responsibility of things such as flyer designing, open day planning and writing news stories for the website. This is all valuable experience for me and I am sure this will continue as the year progresses.”