Hear from former Interns

  • Hear from interns past and present from a range of areas including communications, finance, the alumni office and commercial services. We spoke to them about working in higher education, the application process and developing their skills.


    Abigail Villaroel, Communications Intern

    To see that your own university is willing to invest in you and trusts you enough to actually help you help it grow- it's very gratifying.

    Armine Tovmasian, Finance Intern

    There is so much more that this internship offers apart from just the job experience. It actually helps you to develop yourself as a person and as an employee.

    Daniya Mukhambet, Commercial Services Intern

    Oxford Brookes is doing an amazing job by providing us such a great opportunity to be trained in the university, to have such great development programmes, to be part of a very diverse team. I feel like it's a really good opportunity for any international student to have.

    Interns are offered a place on our  Graduate Internships Development Programme, which covers a range of areas including communication skills, time management and management, as well as the chance to earn yourself a marketing qualification (plus other options like MHFA, Introduction to Counselling, ECDL Advanced, PDR). This helps you to develop your work skills and provides you with invaluable knowledge and experience you can use for the rest of your career.

    Abigail Villaroel, Communications Intern

    This is the first time I've applied for a tier five visa and I think the fact that it was a sponsorship situation made it really quick and made it so easy and stress-free.

    International students from outside the EU are welcome to apply. If appointable, the University will work with charitable organisation Access Tier 5 to apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship under the Tier 5 scheme. If the application is successful, the International student will then be able to apply for a Tier 5 visa. The cost of the visa and any related costs such as the healthcare surcharge will be covered by the student. The student can only commence employment on the Internship scheme once the Tier 5 visa has been granted.

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