Holly Milton

  • Role: Marketing intern

    Department/faculty:  Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment 

    What are your key responsibilities/projects?

    At the moment I am in a PA role to my manager. This involves being in charge of her calendar, rearranging/arranging meetings and making sure catering and room are booked for external and team meetings. I am also broadening my skill set in terms of using programmes like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. The pieces of work that have involved using these programmes have been as follows:

    • Pop-up banners for open day, postcards for OutBurst and Confucius Institute, posters for open day etc. (InDesign)
    • Images for adestra emails (Photoshop)
    • Videos of exhibitions needing to be edited and put together (Premiere Pro)

    I also have helped out with all of the Open Days for my Faculty, which involve constant preparation and set up over the course of a month. The day before the open day, I am put in charge of the student ambassadors who offer to help with the set up. Together we put all the relevant information, tables and marketing materials out, ready for the open day the next day.

    I have also been involved with the digital marketing, going along to exhibitions to take photo's, conducting interviews with current students and Heads of Schools, and filming talks and will soon work on the social media side of things.

    Another responsibility I have is to order any office equipment/miscellaneous items from companies directly, which requires contacting them for a quote and putting together a purchase requisition using the correct cost centre and account code for the marketing card.

    6 months (halfway) into the internship, I will changes roles and become part of the Market Intelligence side of the team. This will require the use of data and analysing data, putting together report, pulling the data from HESA and doing demand assessments for new and existing courses. I have yet to swap over, however. One responsibility that is carried over into both sections of the internship is writing news stories. However as I am currently based in Headington, I am doing the news for the School of Architecture, School of Built Environment and School of Arts. Once I swap over to the Wheatley side I will be focusing more on the Department of Mathematics and Mechanical Science, and the Department of Computing and Communication Technologies.

    What have you learned so far?

    As mentioned above, I have learnt many practical skills when it comes to programmes meant for designing. On a more personal level, I have learnt how to effectively take minutes, my time management is a lot better and I have learnt how I should act in a professional workplace. I have been lucky enough to be treated as a serious member of staff, with my own sets of responsibilities and projects. Despite it just being an internship, I see this as proper job and take it just as seriously.

    Why would you recommend the intern program?

    One of the more obvious reasons is that you get to stay in Oxford for another year! It is also incredibly comforting to be working in a familiar environment (if you have graduated from Brookes previously that year). The intern programme will allow you to gain an extremely large skill set that may place you at an advantage in interviews for job after the programme is complete. You understand how marketing a University works, how much work actually goes into it. It is a really nice lead up into full time work, and I cannot stress enough how helpful the experience has been so far in terms of understanding how I should act at work, what is expected of me and what my real potential is. My team is absolutely fantastic and so much fun, so much so that some days I don't even feel like I'm at work!


    Why did you apply for the program?

    Primarily I wanted to stay in Oxford. However, I never even considered going into Marketing before (having completed a degree in English Language and Communication), and thought it may be interesting - and I haven't been disappointed! It was a chance to experience working at a University and seeing all the behind the scenes work. It was also a chance to gain so many valuable skills that I certain will get used in my everyday working life.

    How do you feel this will help you in the future/what do you want to do after this program has finished?

    I feel as though this internship has really eased me into full time work, and has therefore made me more comfortable when applying for jobs, as it will be less daunting as I am no longer fresh out of University. In terms of what I want to do after the programme has finished - I want to go into Marketing! I absolutely love the field, and it will be interesting how regular Marketing compares to Marketing a University. However I will probably base my job search more around the digital media and designing aspect, as that's the side I have enjoyed the most so far! (I could love the market intelligence side, but I haven't done it yet!).There is SO much more that you will do that I would love to add, but I think it's best I leave some stuff for you to find out, experience and enjoy yourself!