Jeni Kingman

  • Role: Sports intern

    Department/faculty: Estates and Facilities Management 

    What are your key responsibilities/projects?

     My key weekly responsibilities include helping 50+ BUCS sports teams to  play their fixtures against other universities around the country, as well as assisting strength and conditioning coaching and data analyses for performance athletes and BUCS teams. As well as this I have also had input into community projects and events such assisting at No Mince Pies, and Brookes Active events. Other responsibilities include marketing, writing articles/passages for media channels, and attending department meetings and compiling minutes.

    What have you learned so far?

    Through the development program I have worked on my practical professional skills such as self-awareness, team working, presentations, assertiveness and more. I have learnt the benefits and challenges of working in a large, multi-department organisation.  I have also increased my confidence both in the knowledge and skills I have, and also in the confidence to ask for help and further training when I have skills that need developing.

    Why would you recommend the intern program?

    Outside of the training provided the over the year, the internship is also a job that allows you to experience graduate work whilst still having the chance to learn and ask questions. My internship has been flexible as, apart from weekly responsibilities, I am able to work on different projects and events that come up, meaning I gain more experience, working with different departments around the university.  


    Why did you apply for the program?

    I applied for the internship after looking for jobs that would allow me to work in a sporting environment and develop the knowledge I had gained from my degree. After going in to talk to Sarah Queralt, Deputy Director of Sport (now my Line Manager!) about what the internship would involve I decided it would be a good fit.

    How do you feel this will help you in the future/what do you want to do after this program has finished?

    In future I will continue working in sport with young people, possibly in a university setting. The internship has allowed me to continue developing my knowledge and experience working in a sporting environment.