Lauren Edwards

  • Role: Digital media and marketing intern

    Department/faculty: Human Resources 

    What are your key responsibilities/projects?

     My daily responsibilities include posting on, and the analysis the OCSLD Twitter and Facebook accounts, the planning, writing, and sending of monthly newsletters, HR webpage creation and maintenance particularly for upcoming courses and events, creation of flyers, leaflets, and other marketing materials for OCSLD and HR.

    Larger projects of mine include:

    • The marketing of specific course and events
    • The creation of marketing timelines and plans accompanied by course testimony, marketing text, and image resource banks
    • Creation of the new webpages within the Human Resources section of the website

    What have you learned so far?

    Practically I have learned how to:

    • Use Adobe Dreamweaver

    • Create new webpages, and edit current web pages

    • Use Adobe Photoshop for the creation of GIFS, online postcards etc

    • Examine Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Twitter Analytics to identify successful marketing campaigns

    • Updating pages on Moodle

    • Create physical and electronic flyers and leaflets in Adobe Indesign

    • Use Eventbrite as an advertising tool

    • Creating internal and external newsletters on Mailchimp

    • General marketing jargon and trends

    • Create flyers and brochures in InDesign


    • How to work in an office environment

    • Time management

    Why would you recommend the intern program?

    Being involved in Oxford Brookes graduate intern programme has been a fantastic stepping stone towards a career in traditional and events marketing and website design. There are always so many opportunities to expand your skills and experiences. You are strongly encouraged to make the most of your time in role. The university provides numerous courses and events for staff to attend from departmental quizzes, to lunchtime events.  At heart of it this internship is here is to benefit you as a person and your own goals, and Brookes will help you as much as they can. 


    Why did you apply for the program?

    I applied for the internship after hearing about it from my friends who were also applying. I had an interest in digital marketing, however I knew that without any experience in marketing it would be difficult to get my foot in the door. When I saw that Brookes offered paid internships for their graduates I knew that I wanted to apply as it would be difficult to find a job that I would enjoy, in a city that I knew, which was also paid. I felt that being an intern would be a good transition between the world of university and work, and I was correct!

    How do you feel this will help you in the future/what do you want to do after this program has finished?

    I feel that this role has prepared me for a career in marketing through providing me with a lot of practical experience of marketing campaigns and events. Being provided with the opportunity to gain an ILM certified marketing qualification will also provide me with theoretical as well as practical knowledge in marketing which I feel will be very useful in the future.

    The internship has also provided me with an insight into website design and maintenance which is something that I have unexpectedly loved. Through this role I have learnt the basics of HTML and working with Content Management Systems which I hope to use in other jobs.