Rosannagh Scarlet Esson

  • Role: Exhibitions and business development graduate intern

    Department/faculty: Glass tank/School of Arts  

    What are your key responsibilities/projects? 

    • Gallery technician duties such as installation/uninstallation of work, building and dismantling of temporary gallery walling system, turning work on/off where appropriate, keeping the gallery tidy, stock checks, painting/sanding/drilling etc.
    • Providing support to the Glass Tank curator, Dr Joanna Walker, and the School of Arts
    • Dealing with artists, correspondence, answering queries and problem solving.
    • Marketing - maintaining social media presence, website content and external publicity (exhibition listings, google business etc.)
    • Providing support to the setting-up of the Public Art Collection.
    • Designing posters, flyers, private view invitations etc.
    • Attending private views/launch events 

    What have you learned so far? 

    • Using software like Hootsuite, MailChimp, and improving my skills in InDesign and Photoshop
    • Curatorial skills
    • How to build & dismantle a professional temporary gallery walling system (as used by national galleries such as the Tate)
    • Working with lots of different kinds of people.
    • Art Collection experience
    • Improving marketing strategies
    • Time-management, Self-management
    • Legal/financial/contractual side of the art world

    Why would you recommend the intern program?

    Finding a job in the arts is very difficult in this day and age, especially straight from University or Art School. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn money and learn about the industry from the ground up. Working with a professional curator and dealing with professional artists is a brilliant way for any artist to learn the tricks of the trade and develop themselves as an emerging player in the arts.


    Why did you apply for the program?

    Why wouldn't I! It is a fantastic opportunity and I probably wouldn't have found any other arts-based job like this in my first year after graduating.

    How do you feel this will help you in the future/what do you want to do after this program has finished? 

    • Insight into curation - sets me up for more gallery work
    • It will look great on my CV
    • Networking 
    • Experience in the office and working with lots of people
    • Getting used to full time work helps the transition from being a student to entering the workplace.