Veronica Soorma

  • Role: Marketing and Research Communications intern

    Department/faculty: Humanities and Social Sciences

    What are your key responsibilities/projects?

    • Using SPSS and Excel to analyse qualitative and quantitative data results and translate findings to insightful reports or presentation formats for league tables and annual student surveys.
    • Working with the Business Intelligence team to improve how data and information is presented and communicated visually on the University’s online we based application. Specifically for NSS web page and Postgraduate taught experience survey. 
    • Using infographic tools to improve teams presentations and provide visuals for wider teams. 
    • Data gathering and writing insights for new teaching framework for the SMT and Career teams. 
    • Helping to update the APTT and improving user experience. 

    What have you learned so far? 

    • SPSS programme training
    • Google Analytics training 
    • Excel skills
    • How to write professional reports, and write useful analysis to be presented. 
    • Time management, and how to better manage several ongoing projects.
    • Communication skills - both written and verbal 

    Why would you recommend the intern program?

    This programme allows you to build upon your current skills and really develop them in a role of your interest. You are given real responsibility which is important for your team and the University. It's a great way to start your career where you can get a lot of support and training while you build up your personal skill set. 

    Why did you apply for the program?

    After finishing my degree and doing some work experience I realized that I wanted to go into a analytical area of marketing, and i needed more practical relevant experience in data analysis. This internship offered the perfect experience using tools such as SPSS. It also seemed like a versatile role which also focused on working on taking reports and deriving strategy, which is a really interesting process. The programme also highlights the various training and intern community, which looked like a great way to get some important training at the start of my career. 

    How do you feel this will help you in the future/what do you want to do after this program has finished?

    I feel that with experience in analytics tools, insight and strategic work I have option to go into data analytics, or even commercial marketing such as strategy development or insight analyst. These are roles I am seeing advertised in new graduate programmes, and they focus on having analytical thinkers, so I believe my experience from this will provide me with a lot of help in entering those kind of roles and developing my career as a data analyst.