Ben Jenkins

  • Ben Jenkins

    Marketing Intern 2014-2015, Faculty of Business.

    When I was coming towards the end of my three years at Brookes I decided that I wanted to do something creative. The Marketing Intern role within the Faculty of Business was the perfect opportunity for me to learn new skills and gain experience while earning money.

    I was given experience in all aspects of the faculty’s marketing activity, print and digital marketing, direct and indirect marketing, and the budget planning for the various campaigns.

    Interns in the Faculty of Business marketing team are treated like any other regular member of staff, with their own responsibilities, jobs and important projects.

    I now work as an Account Executive for the marketing and artwork agency CreativeRace. I work on the company’s biggest account, Asda. I help some of the world’s biggest brands launch and promote their products within the supermarket, producing up to 30 adverts a week for companies such as Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Heinz and Nivea.

    I wouldn’t have been able to get this job without the vital experience I gained as a Faculty of Business marketing intern. In the interviews and assessment centre I had lots of good examples of when I had done work similar to what the company needed.