Meredith Sneddon

  • Meredith Sneddon

    Marketing Intern 2013-2014, Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment.

    My time as a TDE marketing intern has given me a wide breadth of experience in many vital areas of marketing. The internship has been split into two main focuses events and news and PR. An understanding of these two areas as well as chances to participate in other key areas of marketing such as social media and marketing analytics has provided me with a good foundation and general knowledge of how marketing works.

    Being able to participate in a wide variety of marketing tasks and strategies has allowed me to better understand my own skills and areas I need to improve on as well as highlight those which I would like to pursue afterwards, in this case I hope to follow a career in publishing.

    This academic year there have been two interns who rotate every six months. The importance of having a fellow intern through this process cannot be understated; it has allowed us to learn from someone going through the same process and share information.

    Thus far into my internship I have occupied the events role as well as social media. As part of the events role I have participated in the planning and execution of two University wide Open Days and a number of other smaller events. The planning of these events has greatly developed my organisational skills and my ability to juggle multiple deadlines at any one time. As part of the social media role I have helped in the running of the faculty’s six Twitter and six Facebook accounts as well as gaining an understanding of the wider online marketing strategy. Another aspect which I have been able to invest in has been design and photography. As a marketing team we produce a significant amount of marketing materials all of which require careful production which and are accompanied by a large amount of photography, I have found this aspect of the job very rewarding and an opportunity to understand how branding works in both a marketing and wider context.

    Whilst I am only 3 months into my internship I have already learnt a wide number of skills as well as understood areas which I need to improve upon to help with my career development. The marketing team have greatly invested in us as interns, providing training days in InDesign, video editing and countless other skills required for marketing, which is something you will not find in many other jobs straight out of university. Whilst you may only be in the role for a year the team are very keen to invest in you professionally and personally and have been very patient and helpful with all areas of the role. It is an incredible opportunity which will be found in very few other jobs.