Rowan Fisher

  • Rowan Fisher

    Admissions Intern 2015-2016, Directorate of Academic and Student Affairs.

    For me the internship was a fantastic stepping-stone from studying to work. The year eased my transition into the work environment allowing me to actualise the transferable skills that I attained during my degree. 

    Working in the admissions department I was pleased by the level of responsibility that I was given. Being able to make final decisions on applications (something that will have a huge impact on someone's life) allowed me to appreciate the complex judgments that staff make. With a supportive environment and training, I was able to feel confident in making these important decisions.

    I also worked with the recruitment team and helped support a number of projects. From aiding with the organisation of open days to talking to prospective students at UCAS fairs, I felt I was able to support students in making informed choices. A particular highlight of my internship experience was working on the summer schools that we run for Year 12s. Getting to know students gave me a more nuanced understanding of why applicants choice to go to university.

    My work in both departments were complementary and informed each other. This enabled me to share this unique perspective with the retrospect team. The internship's development sessions fostered a supportive environment among the interns. This made networking with other departments from across the university significantly easier. The sessions throughout the year provided a chance to reflect upon my own work practices at Brookes. As both a past student and a staff member, I have experienced Brookes to be an incredibility friendly place to study and work.  I would therefore unreservedly recommend the internship to any students currently thinking about what to do after graduating.