Steve Piercy

  • Steve Piercy

    Marketing Intern 2012-13, Faculty of Business.

    Choosing to apply for an Oxford Brookes Internship was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Working within the Faculty of Business Marketing department for 12 months meant that I was able to gain valuable work experience which gave me a substantial advantage over other candidates when it came to applying for a Graduate level job.

    Carrying out a wide variety of tasks such as creating and managing online marketing campaigns, recruiting and managing student ambassadors and overseeing the design of programme brochures meant that I developed a broad set of really useful skills during the internship.

    With any job, I find that the people who you work with are just as important as the job itself. The Faculty of Business Marketing team were great; you won’t find a friendlier, more caring bunch. There was never a wrong time for a question and there was always plenty of support on offer. I felt like a valued, equal member of the team.  

    Being set graduate-level tasks ensured that the internship added genuine value to my CV. I now work for a leading Business Consultancy based in Oxford and have no doubt that my 12 months working within the Faculty of Business Marketing department contributed greatly towards getting me to where I am today.