Why volunteer

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    1. Why Volunteer

      Volunteering is a rewarding experience. Oxford Brookes students choose to volunteer for many reasons.
      1. Have fun! Try something new and take a break from your studies.
        1. Meet new people - Grow your network and connect with like-minded people from different backgrounds.
          1. Get to know your local community - Burst the University bubble and explore different areas in Oxford!
            1. Make a difference - Connect with a cause you care about and make a positive impact.
              1. Boost your wellbeing - Supporting a cause you care about makes a real difference to confidence and happiness.

    I will be putting this experience on my CV as I know I have developed skills I would not have gained in any other environment. I had a lot of fun, and given the chance I’d do it all again.

    Rachel, MSc PsychologyBe like Rachel. Give a little, gain a lot - make the most of your time at Oxford Brookes.

    Volunteering is something I often do as it not only helps others, but does make myself feel good too. I enjoyed getting outside and being amongst nature, rather than being glued to my laptop... It can help with your teamworking skills and gives you a first-hand view of the positives of a hard day’s work.

    Did you know?

    Volunteering also enhances your employability! It is a fantastic way to develop skills and gain hands-on experience, whilst giving you great insight into the world of work.

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