Catholic Chaplaincy

Welcome! Congratulations, you have done extremely well to be accepted into Oxford Brookes!

The Oxford Brookes Catholic Chaplaincy is for all students and staff. It is led by a Catholic priest appointed by the Archdiocese of Birmingham (Fr. Prem Fernandowith any staff and students who wish to play a part in it, and is open to all. The Catholic Chaplaincy is always welcoming and open to your creative participation.

Journeying with friends

We attempt to be friends to all, and to exclude no one. Life in the University can be demanding, so we create a friendly welcoming atmosphere to all. Each and every one of you is very important to us. You are unique, and you have something special to offer to our life here. So here’s the opportunity to release your strain and stress and be yourself. We offer quality social activities including parties, BBQs, games, trips and sporting activity, with lots of fun and opportunities to meet one another.

Search for meaning

Religion must be able to answer the questions of life today in a meaningful, sensible way to validate its existence.

In the chaplaincy at Oxford Brookes, we try to create the opportunity for discussion to take place. We like to be challenged, so we can search with you for a deeper meaning and purpose in our life, and all that we propose for the betterment of humanity. This is the Oxford Brookes ethos; to ‘value education that inspires our generation’.

Here we create the opportunity to challenge, discuss and question what you believe, or don't believe! Chaplaincy is a hub to question faith, dialogue with other faiths and indeed engage faith with various disciplines and the questions they raise throughout our university experience. In the Chaplaincy, religion and belief is opened to questions from the believer and to help us find our raison d'être within this university and the world. We hold discussions, speaker’s corners, formal talks, study and reading groups.

Doing God and religion

Yes, we do religion. Here’s the opportunity to practice your Christian calling faithfully as a Catholic, or search for it within the diversity and richness Christianity and all the religions of the world as a sensible and caring person. We provide pastoral care with a Catholic priest appointed by the Archdiocese of Birmingham and recognised by the University. Fr. Prem is on hand available for mass, sacraments, spiritual direction, guidance and lots lots more. There is space and time for you to pray in solitude or in community. There is the opportunity for you to come to know better your Catholic Christian faith in the wonderful settings of Oxford. Here is the opportunity to practice your faith without fear, shame or doubt.

Would you really want to look for anything more while in the intellectual city of Oxford?

Mass and pastoral support

Rosary beads

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