Conduct incidents

  • Breaches of regulations include:

    • Disturbances - Mobile phones/smart devices going off are confiscated and held outside of the exam room and returned at the end; breaches to silence in the exam room may result in expulsion.
    • Unauthorized item(s) on desk - Confiscated during the exam and a mark is made on your script to show the point at which the items were taken.
    • Unauthorized item(s) on person - Usually discovered and confiscated during toilet breaks.
    • Writing on hands - This will be photographed by the Exams Team during the exam to ensure no cheating occurs. 
    • Writing before or after the end time - Your page will be marked at the time this was noticed. 


    1. Invigilators write a report when a conduct incident occurs. 
    2. Students stay behind to write their own report after the exam.
    3. Both reports are collected by the Exams Team and a conduct investigation follows.

    Students will be emailed saying whether further action is required.


    • Incidents - Disturbances and forbidden items usually result in a fine. Your grades are not impacted.
    • Costing - First offence £50. Subsequent offences increase by £50 per offence. 

    Note: All fines are reduced by 25% if paid within 10 working days. All payments go into the student hardship fund.

    Conduct investigations

    • Incidents - Including writing before/after the end time and unauthorized items such as notes. This usually results in a conduct investigation - your grades may be impacted.
    • Action - Students are invited to a conduct interview through their Brookes email - reply promptly. 
    • Consequences - Students are emailed with the outcome. 

    Contact the Exams Team or Student Disputes for further assistance.