Gown hire

  • How to hire or buy a gown before your graduation.

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    Graduation is a ceremonial event and we encourage all of our graduates to wear full academic dress (a gown, hood and mortar board). It's not compulsory but most graduates do and it is one of the things that makes graduation such a special day! 

    • You can hire or buy a gown in advance with Ede & Ravenscroft.
    • Prices vary but hire begins from £41 for foundation/undergraduate gowns; £46 for masters gowns and up to £54 for PhD gowns. It is usually more expensive to buy a gown than to hire one.   

    How do I hire/buy a gown?

    You can pre-order from the Ede & Ravenscroft website or by calling +44 (0)1223 861 854. If you're unable to pre-book a gown, you can hire one on the day of your graduation. 

    Order your gown via Ede & Ravenscroft »

    When and where can I pick up my gown?

    • You can pick up your gown or hire one on the day in the Clerici Building, 2 hours before your ceremony starts.  
    • Staff from Ede & Ravenscoft will be on hand to help you put your gown on correctly and give you your 'Class of 2020' pin badge.  
    • Don't forget to have your order number with you.  

    What is the dress code for me and my guests?

    • If you are wearing a gown or not wearing a gown, the dress code remains the same. We would ask that you dress smartly or you can wear traditional/religious clothing. 

    What do the gown colours mean?

    Gowns for graduation