Graduation registration

  • September 2015 ceremony registration

    We are delighted to invite you to register to attend your graduation ceremony in September 2015.

    In order to be eligible to attend your ceremony, you will need to have been awarded by 31 July 2015.


    Registration closes on 14 August 2015. 

    We do not automatically register you for a graduation ceremony.

    Click on the 'My Graduation Planner' tab and then the 'Plan your Graduation' link.

    If you experience difficulties accessing or using PIP, please contact Student Central.

    Register now via your PIP »

    Guest tickets

    For information about guest tickets, please see our guest tickets page.

    Other useful information

  • If you or your guests require a letter in support of a visa application, you can request this via your PIP page under 'My Graduation Planner'.

    You can inform us of any additional services or particular provision that you or your guests may need via the registration screen on your PIP.

    Please see our additional needs page for more information.

    If you are studying the MBA programme via distance learning, please contact the Global MBA office directly on to register to attend a ceremony.

    If you are studying for a research degree, please contact the Research Degrees Team

    If, after registering for your graduation ceremony, you find you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration via your PIP or email us on

    If your June registration is cancelled due to academic failure but you wish to attend a ceremony in September, you will be able to re-register from July 2015 for a September ceremony, your ticket purchases will be refunded by 4 July 2015 and you should purchase tickets for the correct ceremony in September.

    If you have any outstanding tuition debts to the University, you will not be eligible to attend your graduation ceremony.  

    If you are concerned about any debts that you may have to the University, you should contact either the relevant department or the Brookes Union Advice Service.

    If your registration is cancelled due to academic failure, any tickets purchased will be refunded. Please contact