Non-medical help support (NMHS) scheme

The non-medical help support (NMHS) scheme provides a variety of support services to disabled students. The NMHS scheme works closely with disability advisers to ensure we know what your needs are and to provide you with the most appropriate support. We employ a team of non-medical help support workers to provide this support to you.

Lectures and seminars

Lectures and seminars are an important part of learning at university but many disabled students struggle to make the most of them. You may have difficulty with physically writing notes, or you may struggle to remember what’s being said for long enough to write it down, or maybe you make lots of notes but can’t read them back afterwards.

Support might include use of a:

  • recording device
  • portable note taking device
  • sign language interpreter.

Transcription of audio material used in sessions can be arranged through our alternative format production service (see below).


The NMHS scheme can also provide support for disabled students by giving one-to-one help with using the Library. The Library can provide some support for disabled students, including:

  • accessing Library systems
  • photocopying items
  • sourcing and collecting books
  • photocopying and scanning.

Campus support

We may be able to provide support to make it easier for students to get around campus. Please contact us directly for further information.

Alternative format production

Here at Oxford Brookes, teaching and learning materials can be converted into a format that is accessible to you. This may be required for students with a range of disabilities including:

  • blind and visual impairment
  • deaf and hard of hearing
  • dyslexia.

Books, lecture notes, seminar notes and other teaching and learning materials can be converted into a format accessible to you, including:

  • screen reader
  • large print
  • audio
  • electronic.

We also offer transcription services, for example audio recording to text.

The cost of providing these services may be met by a Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA). If you are not eligible for DSA, you may be able to make an application for financial aid. Please speak to an adviser for more information about funding your support.

For further information about the alternative format production service, please contact the co-ordinator on