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  • After Brookes

    This section contains useful information for when you have completed your studies at Brookes.

    Certificates, certified copies and verification of awards

    UKCISA Guide to leaving the UK

  • You might be planning to return home to work. But if you are hoping to stay and work in the UK or in another country, you may be wondering where to start. Finding work in a new country is a daunting and difficult challenge, especially if you need a work visa. How do you go about:

    • searching for a job?
    • applying for a job?
    • going for an interview?

    All these can be very different to your experience of job hunting in your own country, but you can develop your skills and confidence while you are at Oxford Brookes.

    Careers can help to prepare for job hunting for up to three years after you graduate.

    Work visas

    Joining the international network of people who have studied at Brookes through the Alumni network to stay connected with Oxford Brookes.

    You can develop links with professionals working in your subject who have shared the Brookes experience, in your own country and internationally. Joining the Alumni network can help you:

    • find a job
    • support your career
    • share your experience
    • develop your self confidence
    • contact new and old friends
    • hear news from your Faculty and lots more

    Find out more about the Oxford Brookes Alumni network.

    Many international students who study at Brookes want to continue their studies and research either here or at another university.

    Finding courses and applying may be different to what you’ve experienced in your home country, and so ask for advice from your tutors. Careers can help you think about subjects which will support your future plans. You can see more about applying for postgraduate study in the UK through the UCAS Postgraduate website.

    You can find out about funding and scholarships for courses at:

    Preparing to return home (UKCISA)