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    Some UK restrictions on international travel have been lifted. You are permitted to travel home for the holidays. However, the UK Government has advised that people should not travel to red-list countries for leisure holidays. 

  • Before travelling, you must check if the country you want to go to will allow people from England to enter and if the UK government advises against all but essential travel to the country. You can check this on the Foreign Travel Advice page of the UK government's website. Most countries will require you to take a private PCR Covid-19 test before you travel. The University Covid-19 test is not a PCR test. 

    While travelling, you most companies will ask you to wear a face covering unless you are exempt. Sanitise your hands regularly and social distance where possible. As well as any required Covid-19 tests for the country you are going to, you can book the two rapid Covid-19 tests at the University before you travel. If you test positive, you must self isolate for 10 days and you cannot travel until you have completed your self-isolation period.

    From 4 October, the UK Government is advising people only to go on holiday for leisure purposes to countries which are not on the red list. The red list can change at short notice and if the country who are travelling to moves to red while you are away, you will need to quarantine on your return.

    If you are travelling on holiday, you may need a visa for the country you plan to go to. We have information about Schenghen visas for those nationalities who need a visa to visit Europe.
    Students are not normally allowed to travel in term time. However, in exceptional circumstances it can be permitted for a short time. You need to get written permission from your Academic Adviser.
    You should always carry an attendance letter showing you are a student at Brookes. If you are returning to the UK with very little time left on your visa or during term time, you may need to explain your situation to the border official. Please contact ISAT for advice.

    You will also need to meet the UK Covid-19 requirements which are listed on our Travelling to the UK page. These requirements and the countries on the red list could change at any time.
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