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  • Travelling to the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Updated on 4 October 2021

    Key information about travelling to the UK

    Our Brookes Travel to the UK page lists full information about the travel restrictions and requirements related to Covid-19. Here you can find a useful summary and further Frequently Asked Questions which may cover your situation.

    •   The UK Government has said people are allowed to travel to the UK to study. 
    •   Travel restrictions and rules are based on the country you are travelling from (red-list or non-red list country) and your vaccination status.
    •   All passengers travelling to the UK need to complete a Passenger Locator Form.
    •   The University tests cannot be used as the Day 2 or Day 8 tests. You need to book your test through an approved provider.
    •   We have a  Quarantine and self-isolation guide to explain what you can and cannot do during your quarantine and the support that we can offer.

    Red list

    Students travelling from countries on the red list:

    • You are permitted to enter the UK with a Tier 4 visa, Student visa, Dependent visa or with the Pre-Settled or Settled Status.
    • You must quarantine in a UK Government approved hotel for 10 days when you arrive.

    Non-red list countries ("rest of the world")

    Students coming from non-red list countries:

    • If you meet the UK government criteria for fully vaccinated and have the required documents to prove it, you do not need to quarantine. You simply need to book, pay for and do a Day 2 test.
    • If you do not meet the "fully vaccinated" criteria, you must quarantine in your accommodation for 10 days. You have to book a Travel Test kit with two Covid-19 tests (Day 2 and Day 8). 

    Find out more on the UK Government website.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Arrange a Covid-19 test in your home country if:

       - you come from a red-list country or
       -  you come from a non-red list country and do not meet the criteria for fully vaccinated
      It must meet the  UK Government Covid-19 requirements. Carry a copy (electronic or paper) of your test results when you travel.

    • Book a  Travel Test package - you will either need to book 1 or 2 tests, depending where you are travelling from (these tests are often referred to as “Day 2” and “Day 8” tests).
    • Fill out  Passenger Locator Form no more than 48 hours before travel.
    • If you are coming from a  red list country you need to quarantine in a government approved hotel. Book this online.
    • Generate an attendance letter to show that you are a student at Oxford Brookes University if you are asked.
    The Border officials may ask you why you are travelling to the UK at this time. You should explain that you are coming to the UK to study and carry an attendance letter with you to confirm this.

    You will need to book a place in a government approved hotel and remain in your room for 10 days. It costs £2285 for the first adult and £1430 for an additional adult in the same room. It includes transport from the airport to your hotel, accommodation for the 10 days, food, security, other essential services and testing. You cannot have visitors and you can only leave your room if there is an emergency. The hotel will provide you with information about the services available, including food, laundry and free wifi. You cannot reduce 10-day the quarantine time. Full information about the hotel quarantine can be found on the UK government website.

    We have produced a Quarantine and Self Isolation guide in which you will find a programme of activities to help you keep busy. 

    It depends whether you qualify as fully vaccinated based on the UK government criteria. Even if you have been fully vaccinated outside of the UK, you may not be considered as fully vaccinated in the UK - please make sure you check the British government website for detailed information. Don’t hesitate to contact ISAT if you have any doubt or questions.

    If you qualify as fully vaccinated, you will not need to quarantine. 

    If you have been fully vaccinated, you will need to declare this on your passenger locator form and show proof of your vaccination status to your carrier (ferry, airline or train) when you travel. You will need to take a Covid-19 test on Day 2 after your arrival in England - you need to book this test before you travel. You do not need to quarantine unless the Day 2 test result is positive.

    If you haven't been fully vaccinated, you must quarantine in your own accommodation.

    Your quarantine ends once you have completed 10 full days and you have received a negative result from your Day 8 test. You can only leave your accommodation if you need to post your Covid-19 tests. You cannot leave your accommodation to buy food or come to the University.

    Nationals from some countries can decide to take part in the "Test to Release" scheme which reduces the quarantine period by up to 5 days. You will need to say you are going to do this on Passenger Locator Form and book a private test with a recognised company. The Brookes University Covid-19 test is not valid for the scheme. 

    We have produced a Quarantine and Self Isolation guide to explain what you can and cannot do during your quarantine and the support that we can offer which should answer all your questions. The latest Government information can be found on the when you arrive pages. You still need to quarantine even though you have a negative pre-departure or Day 2 Covid-19 test.

    If you are travelling from a red list country, you must quarantine in a government approved hotel.

    If you are coming from a country which is not on the red list, you can request to quarantine in Brookes accommodation. Full information on the support we offer is on our Moving into Accommodation pages. It is important that you tell the reception staff what date you are expecting the Covid-19 test to be delivered and that they should tell the Courier to deliver the package to your room when it arrives.

    No, you cannot come to the University for any reason during your quarantine period. Once your quarantine period is over, you can take a Covid-19 test at the University if you need to come onto campus.

    You are only allowed to leave your room if you need to post your Covid-19 tests or in an emergency.

    You should first try to contact the company that you booked the Travel Test package with. If you can't get through, contact to our International Student Advisers.

    Yes, our taxi service from the airport pages give details about how you can book a taxi to bring you to Oxford.

    If you are travelling from a red list country, you need to follow government guidance regarding travelling within the UK to reach your quarantine hotel. Once you have finished your hotel quarantine, you may be able to book our taxi service, depending where you are travelling from.

    We have noticed that flight times and dates are changing a lot at the moment so make sure you check your emails in case yours have been affected. If your flight changes, make sure you let your accommodation know and if you have booked a taxi to collect you, you should also let them know.
  • If you are worried about travelling to the UK or you have any questions, please contact our International Student Advisers.

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