• Non-EEA nationals

    See Applying for a visa for dependants.

    EEA nationals

    • If you are in the UK as a student and your family are European Economic Area (EEA) nationals or from Switzerland, your family can join you in the UK without any restrictions.
    • If you are an EEA national but your partner, spouse and children are not EEA nationals, they can also come to the UK with you, but need to apply for an EEA family permit.

    For more information, see UKCISA's EEA and Swiss students and the Home Office's EEA family permits.

    The University has very little accommodation for families. You can search for examples of houses and flats to rent at Rightmove. Before you sign a contract or pay any money for rent or a deposit, make sure you understand your rights. The Brookes Union Advice Service offers a free contract checking service for students and important advice on housing.

    The Accommodation Office has information about Oxford Brookes accommodation and private letting agencies. Contact them as soon as you know you are coming to Oxford Brookes.

    There are also two private hostels with some rooms and flats for married couples and families. To apply, contact them early as possible:

    Your spouse/partner and children can have the same medical care as yourself. For more about health care and insurance for international students and whether you are eligible for free NHS (National Health Service) care, see Health and insurance.

    Students with families can register with the St Bartholomew's Medical Centre.

    Oxford Brookes Nursery

    The Oxford Brookes Nursery takes children between the ages of 4 months and 5 years. If you would like your child to go to the nursery, apply as soon as possible before you arrive. Because you are a student at Oxford Brookes, it does not automatically mean that you will get a place at the nursery as places are limited. Visit the nursery website for information about the nursery and how much it costs.

    Other activities for young children

    Information about other nurseries toddler groups, playgroups, and registered childminders is available from Oxfordshire Family Information Service:

    • 'toddler groups' are opportunities for parents and young children to meet other families, and share activities. They do not provide childcare.
    • 'playgroups' are usually run by paid staff and volunteer parents.
    • 'childminders' are paid to care for children, usually in the minder's own home.

    School education

    UK law says that children from 5 to 16 years of age must go to school. State education is free. Oxford schools are used to and welcome children from other countries. The school year is divided into 6 terms starting in early September. Although it is easiest for them to settle in if they start at the beginning of a new term, children can usually join their school whenever they arrive in the UK.

    Your choice of school will depend on where you are living, the age of your child and the number of places. you can find more information about schools in Oxfordshire and how to apply for a place from Oxfordshire County Council.

    Living costs gives more detail about the estimated amounts for one adult studying at Oxford Brookes.