Shopping in Oxford

  • There are various areas of the city that you can shop in. These include the city centre, Temple Cowley shopping area, Cowley Road and Headington.

    Pick up a free map at the International Student Meeting Point to locate these.

    Westgate Shopping Centre

  • Most people buy food for cooking at home from a supermarket. You can either go in person or buy online and have it delivered. Popular cheaper supermarkets are Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Iceland. Others e.g. Waitrose, the Co-op and Sainsburys may be convenient depending on where you live.

    We run shopping tours in arrivals weekend but if you arrive later, students you live with will tell you where your local supermarket is.

    The Cowley Road has shops and restaurants selling food from around the world and halal products. We recommend walking along the Cowley Road from the Cape of Good Hope pub at St Clements to explore these options when you first arrive. Headington is the closest shopping area to the University.

    If you are new to cooking for yourself and want some fun tips on cooking and eating healthily, visit StudentCooking.TV.

    You may need to buy things for your room or house. If you are living in a hall of residence, your bedding and cooking utensils are not included but you can buy kitchen packs, bedding packs and adapters from the halls or residence or locally when you arrive. In the city centre, shops such as Argos or Debenhams stock these. You can order them before you arrive and go and collect them once you are here. In Temple Cowley, shops such as Wilko and Asda will sell these things. There are shops such as Poundland where everything costs £1 which may have some household goods.
    Most international students use a pay as you go or SIM only card. Mobile phone companies will give these free when you top up with credit for your phone eg O2, 3, EE or Vodaphone. Giff gaff and other online only companies can be good value. You can check prices at on a comparison website. Or compare different providers at the Carphone Warehouse in Oxford. Talk to our International Student Helpers about what they use and whether they’d recommend it.

    There are some charity shops in Headington which sell second-hand clothes, shoes, furniture and lots of things you might want for a new house. You can also find second-hand things on:

    See the list of shops in Oxford.

    You can choose to buy a National Union of Student (NUS) Extra card which will give you a discount at lots of places e.g. restaurants, cinema, travel.

    You can also choose to add on International Student Identity card (ISIC) to also include international discounts.

    All students at Brookes are entitled to a BROOKESkey. This is a free card. You can use it for discounted coach tickets to London, Heathrow and Gatwick and £1 trips on local buses if you pay for your bus journeys. Those students who are living in halls are entitled to free travel on Brookes buses using their card.

    If you plan to travel around the UK on the train, you can get discounted train tickets by buying a 16-25 railcard or Two Together railcard.