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  • ISAT Q&A sessions

    Come and meet an International Student Adviser and our International Student Helpers during the ISAT Q&A sessions. We will have lots of useful information for new international students and each session will cover a different topic, such as adapting to the UK, finding part-time work or tips for enjoying university. It will also be a way for you to ask questions, find out about our social events or just come and have a chat. More information can be found on our Arrivals Activities page

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    Welcome and social programme

    Cornwall students

    Come and meet other international students at our social events! Join our Welcome quiz, the ISAT Q&A sessions or our Book Club. There will also be an Instagram competition, scavenger hunt and a virtual walking tour of Oxford during Arrivals. Check out our Arrivals Activities and Social Events pages for more information.

    Global Buddies

    If you want to make British and international friends in a relaxed and multicultural atmosphere, we run the Global Buddies programme - you are welcome to join in! We match current UK students with new international students so each can learn from each other.

    The UK student will be able to help the international students settle into life in Oxford, show them the best places in town and in return the international students will bring the cultures of the world to Oxford. Full details are available on the Global Buddies page.

    Global Buddies

    Online Induction Team

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    Dates and times of all the induction talks can be found on our New Student web pages. If you have any questions about this, the Online Induction Team will be able to help you with any questions and tell you who to contact if you have missed your induction events. Please see for further information