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    Applications for HOST visits are currently closed

    Would you like to experience British culture, share your own culture, and practise your language skills? Why not spend a weekend with a host in the UK?

    This opportunity means that you can experience the everyday life of people in this country, make friends and have happy memories to take home with you.

    There are 50 free places for Japanese students - it is on a first come first serve basis.

    Applying for a HOST visit

    You can apply for a HOST visit if:

    • You are a student registered on a full-time course at university in the UK. HOST cannot accept applications from outside the UK
    • You are aged 18+
    • You will remain in the UK for at least 6 weeks after the date of your application
    • You want to visit with your husband, wife, partner, or children. They must be living in the UK for the duration of your study period. HOST cannot accept applications from visiting family members or friends
    • You want to visit a host with an international student friend. Your friend must also complete an application, making sure that you provide HOST with the same dates for your visit and the same travel budget

    Apply online on the Host UK website »

    Terms and conditions

    At certain times of the year, e.g. Christmas, HOST has higher levels of demand for visits and they cannot guarantee that you will be placed in your choice of area. You will also have to book in advance if you wish to participate in a HOST visit during this time.

    You will need to pay for your own travel to your HOST's location so check how much this will cost you before applying.

    ISAT contributes towards the administration fee for each application made to HOST. We expect that students who apply for HOST will not cancel visits as cancellations also incur the administration fee. If you cancel your visit, you will unable to apply for another future visit.