Placements, CASs and your visa

  • This page includes important information for students who have an optional or compulsory placement as part of their course. You will need to check your CAS carefully to see if it is the right length for your chosen course.

    You need to consider the following factors carefully in deciding whether you wish your CAS to include a placement or not.

    If your CAS includes time to do a placement year, but you later decide that you will not do the placement year:

    1. Your visa will be shortened or curtailed by the UKVI. We cannot predict exactly when this will happen but you need to think carefully about your future plans this could affect you if you wish to study another course in the UK. The reason for this is the UKVI give you a time limit to study at Undergraduate and Masters level and the time that you are waiting for your visa to be curtailed will be included in this. 
    More information about study time limits (UKCISA) 

    2. The extra year of the Immigration Health Surcharge that you will have paid (£150 or £300 from December 2019) when you applied for your first visa will not be refundable even though you will be finishing your course a year earlier. 
    More information about the Immigration Health Surcharge (UKCISA) 


    If your CAS does not include time to do a placement year and you wish to add this:

    1. You will need to make a new visa application to complete your course. This means you will need to pay for a second visa application.

    2. You will need to make your visa application before you start the placement year of the course (or if possible after you finish the placement).

    3. The Immigration Health Surcharge you have already paid for your first visa (£150 per year,  or £300 from December 2019) is non refundable even though you will have to pay the charge again for all the remaining years of your course when making your second visa application. 
    More information about the Immigration Health Surcharge (UKCISA) 


    Please make sure you check the time we have given you on your CAS carefully as once you have used the CAS we can no longer change it and you will need to make a new visa application.

    If you have any questions about this or wish to discuss your situation with an International Student Adviser. The Adviser will be able to let you know if, when and where you would need to make a new visa application.