How long will my application take

    • Getting your passport and visa back can take a long time. You should not book any travel outside the UK until after you have received your passport and visa back from the Home Office.
    • The Home Office aim to process all applications within 8 weeks, but it may take longer at busy times of the year, for example applications sent in September and October.
    • Your passport and original documents will be returned to us by recorded delivery by the Royal Mail.
    • Your Biometrics Residence Permit (visa card) will be sent to us separately by courier and should arrive around the same time.
    • When everything has been returned we will contact you to collect your visa and documents. We cannot make the Home Office process your visa more quickly and cannot influence the decision.
    • If you need to  register with the police you will need to up date your registration with your new visa details.
  • Interviews

    After submitting a Tier 4 visa application in the UK a few students may receive a letter from the Home Office asking for them to come for an interview. If you receive a letter from the Home Office then please contact ISAT.