Sending my application

  • Postal option

    This is the least expensive option but is also the route that takes the longest. The Home Office aim to decide your application within 8 weeks of the date you have your biometrics taken but it can take longer especially in September and October.

    Can the University send my documents?
    Yes, if we have gone through your on-line application and have looked through all your supporting documents then we can send your documents to the Home Office for you. We will pay for the cost of postage.

    Priority postal option

    If you need your visa and documents back more quickly and you can pay the higher cost then you can choose this option to get a decision on your visa application in 10 days. 

    After applying you will need to post your documents by Special Delivery (keep your receipt) to the UKVI so that they arrive within 2 days of completing your visa application. You will then need to attend the Post Office to have your biometrics taken within 2 working days - you can download your biometrics letter as soon as you have completed the online Tier 4 form.

    Premium option

    You can select this option if you want to go in person for an appointment at the Home Office. You will be asked to select your available times and locations towards the end of the on-line visa application form. Your interview must be within 45 days of the date you complete and pay for your on-line application. The UKVI should normally make the decision on your visa on the day of your appointment but they may not do so if they need to make any further checks.

    Your finance documents must be dated no later than the date you complete and pay for your on-line application so make sure you have had your form and documents checked by ISAT before you complete your application.

    Going to Croydon: Lunar House, 40 Wellesley Road, Croydon  CR9 2BY 
    Take a coach from Oxford to Victoria in London.   Trains go regularly from Victoria Station to East Croydon.  It takes about 3 hours to go from Oxford to Croydon. From East Croydon Station, turn right along George Street and turn right into Wellesley Road.  After walking for 5 to 10 minutes, Lunar House is on the right.    
    Going to Birmingham: Dominion Court, 41 Station Road, Solihull, Birmingham, B91 3RT. You can go by train from Oxford to Solihull.

    Premium / in person appointments (UKCISA) (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) More information (UKVI)

    Can I make an application without ISAT?

    We strongly recommend that you send your application with the help of ISAT as it is our job to keep up to date with the immigration rules and these change frequently. If you choose not to get our help you must read carefully the information below: 
    Tier 4 requirements (UKCISA) 
    Making an application (UKCISA)
    Tier 4 requirements (UKVI)

    Making an application (UKVI)

    More detailed guidance (UKVI)