How to apply in the UK

    • If you are applying to complete your course, we would not normally give you a CAS to make your application more than 4 months before your visa end date but contact us if you have a particular reason why you would want to apply earlier, for example, if you are thinking of adding a placement to your course. We would also not normally give you a CAS just before you are about to get results for your modules.
    • If you are applying to start a new course, then we will not issue you your CAS more than three months before your course start date.
      You must have completed and paid for your online Tier 4 student visa application before enrolling on your course (or within 6 weeks of enrolling if you are already a Brookes Tier 4 student).
    • If you are applying for the Doctorate Extension Schemethen you must apply within 60 days before the course completion date on your CAS and before you are awarded your PhD.
    • You must pay and submit your online application before your current visa expires. If you do not you will be an 'overstayer' which means you are in the UK without any immigration permission. This means you will not be able to study and it can also affect bank accounts, driving licences and your right to rent. It is not possible to make a visa application after your visa has expired unless there are very serious and very exceptional mitigating circumstances beyond your control such as emergency hospital treatment or a close family member's death; in this case you still must apply within 14 days of your visa ending. If you do not leave the UK within 30 days of your visa expiring you can be banned from entering the UK again for 12 months or more.

    You need to complete the UKVI online application form. Here is a summary of how you apply online:

    • Register and confirm your email address and create a password.
    • Complete all the questions up to the question asking for your CAS number.
    • Come to a drop-in to see an adviser so we can check your form and documents. If you can not come to see us then you can email or phone us. How to contact ISAT.
    • After we have checked everything we will give you your CAS number.
    • You will then need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge and then the visa application fee.
    • You will then need to book an appointment for your biometrics to be taken.

    For more details, see below.

    Complete section 1 which includes registering your email address and creating a password. You will receive an email from the UKVI and you will need to click the link to verify your email address. You can use any email address, it doesn't have to be your Brookes one.

    Answer as many of the questions as you can in section 2. You can save your application and come back to it later. You will also have received an email from the UKVI with a link to your application. You can use this to go back to your application.

    You will not be able to progress to section 3 without your CAS number. To get your CAS number come to an ISAT drop-in where we will check your form and documents and then help you complete the rest of the form which includes payment, booking your biometrics appointment and uploading your documents.

    If you already have your CAS number you should still come to see an adviser to check your form before going past section 2 because if you continue too far your answers will be fixed and we will not be able to correct them.

    If you are not in Oxford then we can still check your documents before giving you your CAS number. Please email them to

    See an ISAT Adviser

    We are available from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 15.00, Monday to Friday in Student Central, John Henry Brookes Building. Please forward the UKVI email with the link to your application to us ( so we can log in with you on our PC to check your questions and complete your form.

    The visa application fee is £475 plus the biometric enrolment fee of £19.20. The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is £300 a year (plus £150 for part of a year up to six months). Check how much you should pay for the IHS.

    The UKVI say they decide most applications within eight weeks of your biometrics appointment. If you want to get a decision on your visa application within five working days of your biometrics appointment there is an option to pay an additional £500; to get a decision in one working day it will cost an extra £800. Please note that it will take about a week to actually receive your new BRP visa card after you get your decision.

    You will need a payment card to pay online at the end of your visa application form. An adviser can help you do this at our drop-in.

    After paying for your application online you will need to book an appointment for your biometrics. An adviser can help you do this at our drop-in.

    You will need to register your email and a password on the Sopra Steria website and then log in using a code sent to your email. You can then choose a location for your appointment and then find an available appointment time.

    Free appointments are available at Birmingham and Croydon (South London). Earlier paid appointments (£60 to £100) may be available; these are also available at the Reading centre.

    Birmingham (near Birmingham International train station): Sopra Steria, Ground Floor, T3, Trinity Park, Bickenhill Lane, Birmingham, B37 7ES

    South London: Bedford Point, 35 Dingwall Road, Croydon, CR0 9XF. (use this post code to search for this centre when booking your appointment online)

    You should be able to choose a free appointment within five working days of making your application, but at the moment (May 2019) it is more likely to be around three weeks.

    You are given the option to purchase 'added-value' services. You do not need to buy any of these. Please note that ISAT provide document checking and immigration advice free of charge. Also you should be able to get translation services that are cheaper than that offered.

    You will also be able to retain your passport whilst your application is being decided, however you must not travel outside of the UK and Ireland as if you do your visa application will be automatically withdrawn.


    You will need to upload scans of your supporting documents. This should include your passport, your BRP (if you have one), finance evidence and evidence of previous study. We will help you with this when you see an adviser at a drop-in. Scans should not be in colour to reduce the file size. There will be a section for 'Mandatory documents' and a section for other documents. You must upload a file for all the mandatory documents. For any other evidence you need to submit, choose the section that best suits your document.

    At your appointment you will:

    • show your appointment confirmation (you will get this as a PDF containing a QR code as an attachment to an email ) and ID documents to confirm your appointment
    • enrol your biometric information (fingerprints, photograph and digital signature)
    • submit your supporting evidence (unless you choose to self-upload this - you must get your evidence checked by ISAT first)
    • show your passport or travel document and have your identity checked
    • speak to a member of staff who will check that your biometric information has been successfully enrolled and your passport and supporting evidence has scanned correctly
    • In most cases, you will have your supporting evidence (including your passport) returned to you immediately once the appointment is finished, but you must not travel until you have received a decision on your application.

    Can I make an application without ISAT?

    We strongly recommend that you make your visa application with the help of ISAT as it is our job to keep up to date with the immigration rules and these change frequently. For most students we will also need to check your finance documents before we issue you with your CAS number. This is because most refusals are because of students not havng the correct evidence for their finances.

    If you choose not to get our help you must read carefully the information below:
    Tier 4 requirements (UKCISA)
    Making an application (UKCISA)
    Tier 4 requirements (UKVI)

    Making an application (UKVI)

    More detailed guidance (UKVI)