After applying in the UK

    • You should not book any travel outside the UK until after you have received your new visa back from the Home Office. Remember, even though you retain your passport during the application process, you must not travel as this will mean your application is withdrawn.
    • If you are a low-risk student, then the UKVI may contact you to request your finance  and previous study evidence. Contact us immediately if this happens. If you do not send the required documents in the time specified by the UKVI, then your visa application will be refused.
    • The visa application form does not always correctly calculate the Immigration Health Charge so you may get an email from the UKVI asking you to pay more. You can check this with us first.
    • Credibility interviews. Very occasionally, the UKVI asks for a student to attend an interview before deciding their visa. Contact us if you are asked to do this. More information about Credibility Interviews.

    How long will it take?

    The Home Office aim to process all applications within 8 weeks, but it may take longer at busy times of the year, for example applications sent in September and October. If you paid for the Priority service you should get a decision within 5 working days of your biometrics appointment, or within 1 working day if you paid for Super Priority. Your Biometrics Residence Permit (visa card) will be sent to us if our address was entered as your correspondence address on the Tier 4 application form. When we receive it, then we will email you to collect it.

    After receiving your new visa

    Check your visa end date.

    If you have not been given the correct end date on your Tier 4 visa, we may be able to get this corrected for you, free of charge.  If you think you may not have been given the correct time, please  contact ISAT.

    • Courses 12 months or longer should get a visa that lasts until 4 months after the course end date.
    • Courses from 6 up to 12 months long should get a visa that lasts until 2 months after the course end date.
    • Courses less than 6 months long should get a visa that lasts until 7 days after the course end date - unless it is a pre-sessional course, in which case the visa should end one month after the course end date.
    • A Doctorate Extension Scheme visa should last for 12 months from the course completion date on your CAS.

    Police registration

    If you need to register with the police you will need to up date your registration with your new visa details within 7 days of receiving it.