How to apply outside the UK

    • You cannot apply more than 3 months before the course start date on your CAS.
    • You must apply before the expiry date of your CAS.
    • You need to apply early enough that you will get your visa back in time for you to travel to the UK and enrol at Brookes before the enrolment deadline. This deadline will be on your CAS. If you arrive late, then you will not be able to enrol and your visa will be cancelled. (See 'How long will it take?' and 'How much will it cost?' below.)
    The UKVI provide processing times to give you an idea of how long it will take to get your visa. (UKVI) You should check if there are priority options to get your visa more quickly if you are applying late, to make sure you can get to Brookes before the enrolment deadline. (see 'How much will it cost' below)

    You will need to apply online* in the country where you are normally living.

    Start your application here (UKVI)

    Help completing your online application

    Use our guide to completing your tier 4 application form (PDF).

    If you have any questions that are not answered by this guide then please email a screenshot of the part of the form you want help with to

    *Unless you are applying in North Korea (UKVI)

    The visa application fee for a standard application is £348. You will also have to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge IHS which is £300 a year (and £150 for a part of a year less than six months). This is calculated on the length of your visa not the length of your course. You can check how much you should be charged for the IHS. (UKVI)

    Additional Costs

    Some Visa Application Centres (VACs) charge a 'User pays fee' of £55.

    At some VACs there is an option of paying a priority fee of £212 or super priority fee of £956 to have your application processed more quickly. You may need to agree to use this option to get your CAS from Brookes if you are applying late.


    You will be asked to attend a Visa Application Centre (UKVI) as part of your application to have your fingerprints and photograph taken. The VAC web pages for your country will have more detailed information, including if there are priority options available.

    More country Specific Information

    China (Vimeo)
    India (Vimeo)
    North Korea (UKVI)
    The Occupied Palestinian Territories (UKVI)
    USA (UKVI)


    Most people are interviewed as part of the application process. You must make sure you are very well prepared for your interview as if you are not your visa application could be refused.
    More information about credibility interviews
    • For presessional courses and courses of six months or longer then you can travel up to one month before the course start date on your CAS. You will be asked for your intended date of travel and will be given a visa that starts up to seven days before then, but this must still be within one month.
    • For courses of less than six months (that are not presessional courses) you can travel to the UK up to seven days before the course start date on your CAS.