Visitor visas and graduation

  • Applying for a visitor visa to attend your graduation ceremony

    It is not possible to extend your Student/Tier 4 visa to attend your graduation ceremony, so if your ceremony is going to take place after the end date of your Student/Tier 4 visa, you will need to leave the UK and apply for a visitor visa to return. You will also need to request a graduation ceremony invitation visa letter to support your visitor visa application and for the visitor visa application of anyone coming to see you at the ceremony. You can do this via your Student Information pages.

    Please visit the Graduation web page for information on your graduation ceremony.

    Do friends and family need a visa to visit you in the UK?

    See the Visa national list to check the requirements or use the GOV.UK Do I need a visa? tool.

    Non-visa nationals and EU/EEA/Swiss nationals with biometric passports do not need a visa to visit you in the UK, they can enter using the e-gates and stay in the UK as a visitor for up for six months.

    Non-visa nationals and EU/EEA/Swiss nationals without biometric passports can apply to enter the UK as a visitor when they arrive in the UK. They will need to show to border officer the following:

    • Documents showing the reason for their visit ( a letter from you inviting them to visit and your Brookes attendance letter  (if you haven't yet enrolled on your course, then you can use your CAS and offer letter instead)
    • Evidence that they have enough money to support themselves during their visit
    • Proof that they have arranged accommodation
    • Proof that they can pay for a return or onward journey and they will leave the UK at the end of their visit

    Visa nationals will need to apply for a Visitor visa before they travel to the UK.

    When someone is applying for a visitor visa it is a good idea to include evidence of their continuing connections with their home country, for example, evidence of other close family, rent agreements or property ownership, and any study or employment. This is because the UKVI can refuse visitor visa applications if they think the person applying may not go back home and they can do this without asking for more evidence and there is no way to review or appeal the decision

    Please visit the Gov.UK website for information about visitor visas:

    How to apply for a visitor visa (UKVI) »

    You should send your friend or family member the following documents to include in their visa application:

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