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    It is very important that you are aware of the restrictions on working in the UK and never work when you are not allowed to do so. Opportunities to work after your studies are limited so start finding out about your options early. 

    If your employer has asked you to get permission from Brookes that you can work, then you need to direct them instead to the Home Office information, as we can not do this.
    » Preventing Illegal Working: guidance for employers (page 51)
    There is also a UKVI Employers’ Helpline they can ring 0300 123 4699.

    What you can provide your employer from Brookes is confirmation of your semester dates. If your employer requires these semester dates to be stamped then please come to Student Central to request this.

  • Information about income tax, national insurance and VAT (Low Incomes Tax Reform Group)

    More detailed information and discussion on the types of work students can do