Love where you live - help keep your area tidy and green

17 March 2021

A graphic showing two people holding disposable cups stand in front of a park bench and litter bin, a pair of hedgehogs are on the ground below the bench

It is around this time of year when the University would usually take part in OxClean, an annual event to help keep Oxford clean and green.

This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the event is unable to take place. However, we would like to encourage everyone, everywhere to do their bit to keep their local area clean and tidy.

Getting out and about is important for your health and we know that with the warmer weather approaching you will be keen to take the opportunity to take walks outside or have a picnic in the park with a friend or with your household or support bubble.

Wherever you are, please join us in our efforts to keep our local community clean and tidy. Remember to bin your litter and leave outside spaces as you find them. If there are no bins available, please take your litter home with you and recycle where you can. If you wish to report an issue with litter please contact the local council. Oxford City Council can be contacted online or download the Oxford City Council app. Reports of litter issues in Swindon can be reported to Swindon Borough Council.

There are many benefits to keeping spaces clean and tidy, including:

  • maintaining a pleasant environment for everyone to enjoy
  • helps prevent vermin, unpleasant odours and unsightly rubbish
  • helps to protect wildlife such as hedgehogs
  • helps reduce damage to the environment caused by litter such as plastics

Please help us keep our communities clean and safe for everyone.