Book your Semester 2 Covid tests

17 December 2020

Three pairs of hands wearing green gloves place samples into a tray

Last week (10 December) you received an email from the University on our plans to ensure the safe return of students to campus for Semester 2. This includes the strong recommendation that all students should take rapid Covid-19 tests on their return to University to help stop the spread of the virus to students, staff and the local community.

We are pleased to tell you that today we have opened the booking system for rapid Covid-19 testing, with slots available at the start of Semester 2.

If you are returning to campus in early January, testing slots are available from 7 January for you to book now. If you are returning to campus in late January or from 1 February, slots are available until 5 February. You should book your first test to take place as soon as possible after you return to campus or your student accommodation. You can also take the tests if you are remaining in Oxford over the Christmas vacation.

The tests will run in a similar way to the testing process at the end of Semester 1 and we recommend that you take two tests, three days apart. More information on the tests is available on the rapid Covid-19 testing webpage. A reminder that these tests are for students without Covid-19 symptoms.

Please note that the Headington testing centre will be located in The Terrace, John Henry Brookes Building. We will not be operating a testing centre at our Wheatley Campus due to the low number of test bookings at this site in Semester 1. Wheatley-based students may book tests at our Headington and Harcourt Hill centres.

Students returning to Oxford Brookes from a Tier 3 (‘very high’) area may also need to take a rapid (Lateral Flow) test prior to travelling back to university. The availability of these tests will be determined by the Local Authority where you live - please check your local council’s website for details. If you aren’t able to get a test, you may return to university as planned, however you should follow social distancing rules, reduce where possible your social contacts and book a rapid Covid test as soon as possible.

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